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Floor maintenance tips and use of Self Cleaner Magic Mop

Posted by Anand Rao on

1. Hardwood flooring - All you've got to try is protect your hardwood from direct sunlight, dents, and hard cleaning detergents. Avoid stains by quickly cleaning and drying any liquid spills etc. Also, regular dusting and mopping hardwood floors is very essential.
2. Marble - This is beautiful and rich looking flooring material. Marble can be blackened very quickly, if not taken care of properly. So it is important that the floor is mopped and swept daily with a lightly acidic detergent.
3. Ceramic tile - Ceramic tile care and maintenance is best done by a regular scrubber. You can also use sodium carbonate and any low sudsing detergent with water too.
4. Mosaic floor - Mosaic flooring is extremely hard and sturdy and hence very low maintenance too. It doesn't need anything more than regular dry dusting and an occasional wet mop.
5. Vinyl - If you've got vinyl flooring, you want to confirm that you simply mop up the spills as quickly as possible. Do not use detergents and/or highly abrasive scrubs. Use polish rarely and occasionally.

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Always use approved cleaning agents for the floor you are cleaning. Take note of these care precautions and you'll be assured of an extended, lasting, durable floor under your feet. If you've got painted floor, confirm you provide a fresh coat once in a while, as paint tends to lose color and becomes dull fast. Also don't paint your floor using light color shades, as stains are hard to remove.

You can find a whole range of floor care and mopping products for different types of floors. Use reliable and efficient tools and appliances like Self-Cleaner Magic Mop that will not only aid in the maintenance of the best shape of your floor, they will also help age your floor gracefully!

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