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Laptop Stand Height Adjustable

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Focus on your productivity with comfort and ease. Get the exceptional build quality and experience the ergonomics of height adjustable laptop stand. Ultra-lightweight aluminum metal alloy and foldable that fits in your bag.

Easily ventilated as it allows for heat dissipation and faster cooling. You will love its surprising sturdiness with anti-slip surface grip - You can use it on your bed or on your desk table. This one's just what you need while you are busy working from home.

laptop stand height adjustable
Sitting for long hours at work takes a hefty toll on your neck and back. Make sure your posture is right and place your laptop at the correct angle. Height adjustable notches allow you to set the proper positioning for your posture. You have 5-step adjustments to choose from.

laptop stand portable

This stand features ample "open space" below and thus ensures efficient heat dissipation. No more uncomfortable thighs while you watch your favorite movie or play high-res games.

laptop stand for table
The designing features superbly finished and buffed surfaces for that premium look. The thoughtfully rounded edges make sure you get a comfortable touch and feel.

The silicone anti-slip grips on the stand ensure that your laptop does not slide down allowing you to focus on your work without worrying about the safety of your laptop.

laptop stand metal
Packaging includes a box with a cute and handy bag so you can carry it wherever you go and put it safely in your laptop bag.

laptop stand for bed
1. 5-step height adjustable.
2. Lightweight and ergonomic design.
3. Hollow heat dissipation, desktop storage.
4. Foldable and easy carry in a laptop bag.
5. Holds up to 15 kgs of weight.
6. Anti-slip contact allows for a secure hold of a laptop.
7. Compatible with all brands of laptops up to 17 inches.
8. A special silicone pad prevents the laptop from any scratches.

Laptop Stand Height Adjustable (Metal)
Open Size: 190 * 252 * 150 mm
Folded Size: 252 * 60 * 25 mm
Weight: 175 g
Material: Aluminum alloy + Silicone

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