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Kids Magnetic Construction Set Designer Building Blocks

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It is said that parents are the child’s first teachers. So, if you were to look in the future, what would you like to teach your son or daughter? And how exactly would you make them listen?
It is important to speak the same language as your child and as you know, their reaction to words such as fun, games, playtime is always priceless!
With these building blocks with some patience and free time - you are set for the day! For the first time, learning is fun and kids just can’t get enough of it! A Perfect Gift for Kids! Buy Now!

Magnetic Building Blocks Construction Set for Toddlers and Kids

Type: Blocks
Gender: Unisex
Age Range: > 3 years old
Plastic Type: ABS + Magnet
Building blocks Type: DIY 3D Magnetic toys
Block Type 1: Geometric Assembling Blocks
Size: The size of the individual blocks are normal not mini size.
Suitable Crowd: Whole family can play together

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