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LuxeRazr - 2020 Cordless Hair Trimmer for Head - Men

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Are you looking for a more effective tool to deal with the hair on your body, your face, or even wishing for a hair tattoo? You should buy this one.

LuxeRazr - All-in-one Hair Trimmer - Experience the Salon at Home.

LuxeRazr - Hair Trimmer for Men

Shape your looks with this designer hair trimmer for head to get that perfect cut. With a sturdy grip surface handle that is laser engraved, this hair trimmer itself is as unique as you! The Skull, Buddha, and Dragon designs are high-quality finishes for that premium feel.

LuxeRazr - Hair Clipper for men hair tattoo

The razor itself has the Close-Cutting technology with a carbon-steel T-blade. Now you can trim, cut, design, or outline for hair detailing right from the comfort of your home.

Whatsmore! This close-cutting hair trimmer for the head is a must-have accessory in your toilet kit for grooming, trimming, and shaping your mustache and beard. It empowers you to trim your mustache and have a dry shave on the go - quickly and cleanly.

best hair trimmer for head

Best gifts for men, dad, husbands, boyfriends for Father's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, and any occasion for haircutting and beard trimming. Get your family looking great and save money.


  • Convenient grip to hold in hand, this will be the only hair clippers for shaving head you will ever need in your toiletries kit.
  • The high-strength titanium alloy blade head has higher mechanical strength for lasting useful life.
  • Environmentally friendly Li batteries with 1200 mah large capacity battery.
  • This shaver features a close-cutting, carbon-steel T-blade for hair lining, detailing, and dry shaving.
  • It has a 20000 RPM powerful rotary motor for efficiency and increased speed, power, and life
  • Features constant speed technology; won't drag or stall through heavy and thick hair types
  • Please Note: There are two variants for different models. Based on the design, the model may either be a rechargeable non-replaceable battery or rechargeable removable batteries (mentioned in model selection).
  • Delivery in 25-35 working days.

hair clippers for shaving head
Commodity Quality Certification: CE
Commodity Quality Certification: UL
Size: USB/battery (Please see selection)
Material: Metal
Model: Hair Trimmer for Head. Rechargeable hair clipper.

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