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LuxeFrog - Baby Infant Anti-roll mattress
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Anti-Rollover Baby Head Shaping Mattress
Anti-Rollover Baby Head Shaping Mattress
Anti-Rollover Baby Head Shaping Mattress
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anti-rollover baby mattress
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Anti-Rollover Baby Head Shaping Mattress

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• This Baby Sleeping Position Pillow helps infants to sleep on the back.
• Safe and comfortable for all infants
• Infants spitting up liquids may benefit from sleeping on the back as per AAP.
• Mimics the shape of a pregnant woman's uterus
• Adjustable position as the baby grows
LuxeFrog - Anti-Roll Baby Infant mattress Bedding set
World Health Organization guidelines following a recommendation the American Academy of Paediatrics states "The Best sleeping position for 0-12 months old babies is the Supine (Back) Position." (Source Link: American Academy of Pediatrics)
• Consult your pediatrician for medical advise
LuxeFrog - Infant Bed Support

With its positioning roll, this bed recreates a small space reassuring and comforting the babies while ensuring a perfect position supporting the back and raising the legs. It has a built-in headrest so that your baby's head stays well rounded.
LuxeFrog - Baby Infant Bed Head Support
With baby's optimum comfort in mind, this bed is made out of ultra-soft breathable materials and memory foam. If your child suffers from regurgitations, colic or poor breathing, tilting will help reduce it. This bed can also be used tilted.
LuxeFrog - Baby Bedding Sets
Age Range:
 Until baby begins to actively push up or roll over. Stop using as soon as the baby is capable of turning over on his/her own.
Portability: Completely foldable, and travel-ready, anti-rollover shaping pillow baby mattress.
Special Features: Shaping Pillow
Filling: Microfiber
Weight: 0-1 pounds
Material: Cotton / Polyester
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