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Artificial Privacy Fence with Vines

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Do you find yourself wishing for more privacy in your yard? This faux garden fence can come to your rescue! Instantly beautify your garden fence within minutes.

Cut the ugly outdoors and get a beautiful green privacy partition. Soothe your eyes every morning with a hot cup of coffee relaxing in your yard.

Save yourself from the prying eyes of your neighbor or a passerby. Do Your thing in Your home in privacy yet staying outdoors in your yard.

Whatsmore! You can even decorate your walls with our green faux leaves fence! Use your imagination, cover up a boring dull surface, or create a partition or just use it for privacy.

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Retractable Garden Privacy Fence

You can use the expandable faux privacy fence horizontally or vertically. It blends beautifully with natural landscaping and hides unwanted areas.

It creates an intimate ambiance in your garden to create an instant privacy fence screen covered with leaves. It is flexible and expands or contracts to your desired dimensions and privacy.

Retractable Garden Fence Sizes

  • Just place it in the place you want on a support and tie it using the supplied ties or hang it on the walls as desired.
  • Please note the density of the leaves will reduce as you expand more and more. Therefore, if you want maximum blockage of the view, you will need to expand as little as you desire to achieve maximum blockage.
  • In general, the maximum expanded length will afford maximum decorative area with minimum privacy whereas the smallest expanded length will offer you maximum privacy while covering less surface area.
  • It is suggested you measure the area to be covered and order the number of pieces based on the above size specifications.

Expanded and Retracted Sizes Garden Privacy Fence
Use it indoors as home decor and "light up" your walls with greenery. Change the boring ambiance into a bright, cheerful, and mood up your day. Help yourself to liven up your life and get back to your beautiful YOU! You need this. Buy Now.

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