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Diamond Cut Knife Sharpener

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LuxeFrog - Diamond Cut Knife Sharpener
✔️ EASY TO USE: No need to be a professional to use it. Get the dull blade in place, right on the sharpening slot, stroke towards you, (one direction only, do not move backward & forward) from heel to tip, 3 or 4 times in each slot and your knives & scissors are ready to be used again. Quick, fast and safe. No Rust and no more grinding and damaging your knives with handheld stones.

✔️ RELIABLE: Stop throwing away blunt knives, dull scissors, and shears and save money. This top of the line manual sharpening tool helps repair them, from coarse to fine sharpened. Designed to fit all kitchen knives and scissors sizes, and keep them sharp as new or better.

LuxeFrog - Knife Sharpener types
✔️SAFE: Ergonomically engineered. The silicone handle and the cushioned non-slip pads, provide optimum control for a safe job. It is big enough to be handled properly and small enough to fit into any kitchen drawer. The ideal manual sharpener for everyone, from chefs to seniors.

✔️ KITCHEN PROFESSIONAL: With 4 sharpening stages to offer: 1. For Scissors, and three materials for different levels of sharp 2. Coarse, 3. Fine, 4. Ceramic. Get the best knife sharp for all different levels of dullness. It works for ceramic, stainless steel, butcher axes, etc. Perfect to sharpen all kinds of blades like Chef's, Utility, Paring, Clip Point, Slicers and Cleaver knives, all kinds except serrated ones.

LuxeFrog - Knife Sharpener
*100% high quality.
*Unique ceramic protective layer for durable use.
*Ideal to use with sharpening stones for fast precision sharpening.
*Simple design but quick and easy to sharpen at the correct angle.
*Sharpening angle guide is accurate which can guide the perfect blade.
*Just fix the angle guide to the appropriate location of knife blade then begin to sharpen knives.

LuxeFrog - Knife Sharpener DemoLuxeFrog - Knife Sharpener Four-stageHow to use the 3 stage knife sharpener to sharpen the kitchen knife?
1st Step: "CERAMIC" stage (preparation): For repairing damaged blades and straightening blades before sharpening.
2nd Step: "COARSE" stage (sharpen): Sharpens the blade and restores the cutting edge to a "V" shape.
3rd Step: "FINE" stage (fine-tune): Polishes the blade and equalizes any surface irregularities that may have been caused.
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