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Polynesian Tiki Mugs Hawaii Cocktail Glass

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Celebrate this festive season with our superbly designed and unique Tiki Mugs for that cool Polynesian party feel at your home or office. Impress your guests with that perfectly mixed cocktail like a pro. If you were wondering where to buy tiki mugs, your search ends here. Find a wide variety of designs to choose from at best prices.

hawaiian tiki mugs

Would you serve it in a normal glass? Of course not! These Tiki Mugs will add the final touch for the best cocktail experience during your party this holiday season.

Delve into the Tiki culture a bit and know the trivia associated with the mugs. These are just right for all the cocktails on your festive party menu.

LuxeFrog - Cocktail Tiki Mugs Drinking Glasses

Tiki mug collectors will love this addition to their collection. Serve your favorite cocktail in this tiki mug, with a stripy straw or an umbrella to add a little color.